Trio Florencio

WHEN: Sat Dec 15 | 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm
WHERE: 2170 Shattuck Ave

Make your Saturday night amazing with some live music by Trio Florencio.

Trio Florencio plays Spanish guitar music, rumba-flamenco, bossa nova, jazz, and Latin music. An excellent trio and very popular small acoustic band with unique talents that plays background, ambience and upbeat music for cocktail hour, wedding reception, grand opening, private and corporate party.

The core of the band’s music is virtuosic Spanish guitar, synced with Iberian and Brazilian percussion and tasteful vocals in up to three languages.

Trio Florencio is composed of seasoned professional performers who have played to audiences internationally and across northern California at premium event venues from Carmel to Calistoga. The band is distinguished by both the quality of their music and the professionalism and reliability of their performance. Musicians are very presentable, always prompt, easy to deal with, friendly, and will always meet your expectations.

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Trio Florencio

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