WHEN: Fri Nov 15 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
WHERE: 2170 Shattuck Ave

There is a magic between them when they cut these tracks and it really comes through the recordings and is not only the spine of the album but of the band itself. One of the most amazing aspects of listening back to these recordings for them is how well the improvised sections of the songs work an an extension of the musical and lyrical concepts presented in the composed sections of the tunes. Listening back to the finished tracks I am deeply humbled by the talents of everyone involved in this project. more info

Celso Alberti–Drums
Maria Caycedo-vocals
Jordan Feinstein–Keyboards, Vocals
Murph Murphy–Bass
Pete Sawyer– Guitar, Vocals

Wonderwheel with John Hanrahan 8.29.19 Michael's On Main

Such a great Brightshine/1973 gig on Thursday at Michael's On Main with Maria Caycedo, Jordan Feinstein, John Hanrahan, and Murph Murphy. Much gratitude to Michael Harrison and Colleen Mulholand Harrison for having us and to our wonderful special guests Carrie Adler, Patrick Blizinski, Derek Bodkin, Vanessa Love, Matt Hartle, Steve Hunt, Michele Murphy and Nick Peters. When you put together a show like this there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of people playing together who haven’t played together before and I have to say everything came together wonderfully and it was a such blast playing with everyone in the Brightshine and in the 1973 set. Here's a clip from Wonderwheel from the Brightshine set.

Posted by Brightshine on Saturday, 31 August 2019

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